We call him “renaissance man”

  1. Earned PhDs in nuclear physics, astronomy, and physical chemistry from Germany's University of Heidelberg.

  2. Considered an audio legend by many, and for good reason. Look at some of his previous product innovations. He introduced the world's first…. . .
      • in-wall speaker
      • in-wall subwoofer
      • component loudspeaker for car hi–fi
      • switching power supply for car hi–fi
      • multi–channel car amplifier
      • hi–fi television monitor
      • complete digital time-delay system for surround sound

  3. NASA project manager

  4. Virtually created the category of miniature hi-fi speakers with the introduction of the a/d/s/ L200, which was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art

  5. Helped support himself through college as a photographer

  6. Was formerly president of the audio division of BRAUN®, the same folks that make the tooth brush and coffee maker

  7. Was the first to use ultra-powerful rare earth magnets (i.e. strontium and neodymium) in loudspeakers

  8. Musical favorites include Bach, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, and Sting

  9. Is an accomplished pianist

  10. A true "roadwarrior," (splitting his time between Reno, Boston, Germany, and China), he developed foxL because there weren’t any really small hi-fi quality portable loudspeakers